A monthly car rental option exists to make your travels easier. Rent a car for a month or longer (up to 11 months) with no long-term commitment. Monthly car rental benefits you because:

  • You can pick up and drop off at different locations.
  • You keep miles off of your personal car.
  • Your daily rental rate is lower the longer you rent.
  • You enjoy a discount on your Loss Damage Waiver (LDW).
  • You can request a vehicle swap any time during your rental period.


Long-term car rental is the perfect way to travel in numerous situations, such as:

  • Waiting for a new car after a car accident
  • While having major repairs on a personal vehicle
  • Extended business trips
  • Doing seasonal or temporary work away from home
  • Travelling to a different country
  • Lengthy holidays
  • Long road trips across Canada and the United States


Book a cheap long-term car rental on the Canada Express Car Rentals Canada website today and begin your adventure through Canada.


Monthly Car Rental Rules and Restrictions

You have the freedom to drive almost anywhere during a long-term car rental. Most rentals can be driven throughout Canada and the United States (except for Alaska). Those wanting to travel into Alaska should pick up a rental in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

In addition, your monthly car rental may come with unlimited kilometers. Look for the “Kilometers” line in the rental summary when you make your reservation. Round-trip and one-way rentals are other perks available when renting with Canada Express Car Rentals (subject to availability). Book a car with Canada Express Car Rentals and discover the extra bonuses of a monthly rental car in Canada.

Do I need a discount code to book a long-term car rental online?

You do not need to input a discount code when booking a monthly car rental. Canada Express Car Rentals always offers low prices for long-term car rentals. Once you have added in your car rental destinations and dates, the system will automatically set you up for extra monthly rental savings.

Where is monthly car rental available in Canada?

Monthly car rentals are available at Canada Express Car Rentals locations across Canada’s 10 provinces, plus 2 locations in the Yukon Territory. As long as you book at a corporate-owned Canada Express Car Rentals, you are in luck. Find a Canada Express Car Rentals near you and book a long-term car rental today.

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