A Road Trip called Friendship! - Friends and friendship are a human’s anchor through the tumultuous storm called ‘life’. As you casually pass through your journey you see this person sailing through theirs and your head goes, “Hey mate, you could use some life-support, and this looks like an apt candidate!”. Unlike most missed romantic first-chances, you do not let this… Read More
Roadway to Freedom! - The road to Independence was certainly not an easy one for India. It took effort and sacrifices from countless martyrs and civilians whom we celebrate today. Let’s take a walk down some memorable roads that you could plan a drive to, and let the patriotism hit you right in the feels. India houses hundreds of… Read More
Make the Most of These Long Weekends in 2020 - The year 2020 is upon us and it is time to earmark those long weekends for that quick getaway. Unlike previous years, 2020 has the highest number of long weekends. It is a perfect opportunity to explore new and uncharted locations with Canada Express Car Rentals. With Canada Express Car Rentals, you can enjoy that truly exhilarating… Read More