Friends and friendship are a human’s anchor through the tumultuous storm called ‘life’. As you casually pass through your journey you see this person sailing through theirs and your head goes, “Hey mate, you could use some life-support, and this looks like an apt candidate!”. Unlike most missed romantic first-chances, you do not let this go. You see them sitting next to you in school, or across the table in the college canteen. You see them eating your favorite dish at the restaurant, or overhear them speaking of the football club you love. And before you know it you’re crying to them at 3AM about how you sacrificed your last toffee for a girl you liked when you were 5.

Friendship is undeniably a major moving force in ones life. You were dodging the 8 PM traffic on SV Road all alone. Now you’re moving steady, at 60 kmph on a lovely highway with your mates singing.

We put down our 5 all-time favorite on-the-move friendship movies (just in case you want to have a movie night with the gang).

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